Create an activity yourself or join hundreds of nearby activities today.
Choose the location, time and arrange the details via built-in chat. 

Join-in activities and make long-lasting meaningful friendships.

Socializer app locates other people who are using the app in the same town and sorts the types of activities they wish to do - it could be lunch, a drink, a fitness activity like running or tennis or even a cookery class.

If the activity you want to do is not listed, you are able to list it and get others to join you.

It’s completely free and simple to register. There is no commitment.


Connect for an activity,

chat and have fun

Join a growing number of people near you,
choose an activity and enjoy

Sue is new to town and loves to play tennis - she found 3 groups of tennis players on the app and now has a regular game with some really nice people.

John loves meeting new people to socialize - he uses the app to meet groups in pubs and bars near his home. Sometimes they all end up having a meal.

Kamal is into photography and through the app he has found regular photo-group meets with like-minded people who travel far and wide to take amazing photos. 


You didn't find an activity you're passionate about? Maybe your city is still not supported? Let us know and will add it to the app.

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